Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Fresh beginnings...

With the start of a new term in full swing and many of our young people starting at new schools, this afternoon I was reminded of the epic journeys home from the place of learning; being allowed to travel by public transport on your own, the scramble to get on the bus and the hassle of having to remember to carry your oyster card. I was taken back to a time of sheer excitement and exuberance.

New beginnings are also marked within the Catholic Church this month as just next week this country will see a historical event take place. Pope Benedict in a way will be refreshing us from our long summer break (and in some ways offer spiritual homework) and will provide the Church with a slightly older, wiser face in the light of recent events that have been highlighted within our community. The 16th September 2010 marks the beginning of new things in the life of the Church including a new missal and preparations for World Youth Day Madrid 2011.

I wonder how we will approach next week. Will it be the same sight as a Tuesday afternoon waiting to get on a bus?

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