Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Holy Father in Scotland

Today really is an incredibly exciting day. I'm currently watching a replay of Pope Benedict's arrival to Scotland and it's now I begin to comprehend how humble I feel to be alive to witness the second visit of a Pope to our country. Just this morning from 8am onwards, people have literally spread the joy of God to everyone and anyone-whether they will listen or not. I'm so happy that so many people are just doing whatever they can to spread this anticipation- twitter will be chogged up this weekend.

For many Catholics in the UK, this weekend is going to be a pilgrimage like no other-but we must also do our best to spread this to our fellow Christians and members of the Catholic community who may not be able to get to any of the events.

The visit is being well televised, as I said I am watching the coverage that was on this morning and I'm aware that the BBC are broadcasting the mass at Bellahouston Park at 5pm (BBC2) and the evening service at Westminster Abbey is also being televised. So people can get involved right from the comfort of their homes. To find out exactly when programmes are on, visit

The Papal Visit (, follow @thepapalvisit on twitter, 'The Papal Visit' on facebook) coordinators have also launched a mobi site which works on just about every smartphone, so for those of you are unfortunately working over the weekend, you too can stay well on track with live footage of this four day visit.

So much time and preparation has gone into this visit, and it's only fair to support fellow communicaiton officers by sharing with you the work that they have done. Gerard Owen and Alice O'Neil have been busy working hard in the diocese of Clifton, creating podcasts to archive their interviews with a variety of people from our community. Visit to listen to these.

Claz Gomez, from the diocese of Westminster has contributed to the preparation of this visit, promoting the visit, working on interviews and producing some insightful blog posts.

Rebecca Ryder of Merseyside has also been spreading joyful noise, doing an interview with BBC Us the Southwark team also have made our presence known on facebook, like our page 'My Papal Visit 2010!'

So with all these different places to go for information, no one should feel left out or go without coverage this weekend.

No more days to go. The Papal Visit is here.
God bless Pope Benedict XVI.

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