Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Papal Visit on Facebook

2049 likes so far. Can we grow that to 2500 in the next 10 days? All bloggers, please remind your readers to like 'The Papal Visit' and also if they want a more Southwark-based approach (which is always a good thing) 'My Papal Visit 2010'.

God bless


  1. I would join but that site is full of anti-Catholic bigotry. Its awful. There's no moderation on there at all.

  2. I do take your point, wccs. However you have to find a balance between allowing free speech and protecting the Church, don't you? From what I've seen there's quite a lively defence of the Church on there, whenever someone posts a nasty comment....

  3. We need the help of the community to moderate the bigotry. What research into social media based communities shows is that the bigger the fan base, the easier it is to manage spam and attacks because the community as a whole explains that this is no place for negative comments and often puts another, reasoned, point of view. I do hope@wccs will consider joining...
    Jonathan (one of the Facebook Papal Visit admin team)