Thursday, 9 September 2010

Greenwich Deanery meeting

This evening I popped along to my local deanery preparation meeting with the young people for the Hyde Park event. It was a fabulous time spent together, with the young people having the opportunity to meet with people from different parishes and to ask questions (one young lady enquiring if she could obtain a special blessing from the Holy Father) and get information ahead of next week. What struck me the most was a feeling of genuine appreciation for the privilege that has been graced upon them and a feeling of excitement and the realisation that this chance may never come again.

One thing I feel important to point out however, is how long the day is going to be. Many of the 16-19 year old people I met this evening are used to long days at school and college, but next Saturday is going to be a 7am-11pm day for our group. It is very important that we pilgrims get enough sleep the night before and stay well hydrated throughout the day, otherwise a spectacular day could become unimportant because of a need to go to bed.

Putting negativity aside, we have seven days left to go.

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