Tuesday, 10 August 2010

280 000....

....pilgrim packs are being prepared for the papal visit (thanks to The Papal Visit facebook feed for that news!). Don't worry they will be rather more modern than our pilgrim on the left's pack.

They will give those attending all the information they need for their pilgrimage. 280 000 represents roughly 1 of every 5 regular mass-goers, which is not bad. By my estimate on his visit to the United States about the same number attended the papal events. Correct me if I'm wrong anyone with better information? Bear in mind the US has 50million Catholics, and our visit doesn't seem so small after all, in my humble opinion. The two major masses of that visit were in football stadiums and around 50 000 attended each. The numbers will be significantly higher than that at both Hyde Park and Cofton Park, and I believe (though I don't know) that almost 100 000 will attend the mass in Bellahouston Park.

Anyway, there has been a lot of negative press around the organisation of the Visit so far: I'd say it's time for that to stop and for people to get behind the Visit 100%, if for no other reason than because we love Pope Benedict!

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