Monday, 23 August 2010


I'm off to Devon for a few days so I won't be able to update the blog much this week: perhaps Dani will, who knows?

A couple of quick suggestions before I go: why not buy some papal flags for your pilgrim group to carry around during the Visit events? Would be a great sign of solidarity with the Pope and would look great on TV, I think. Also, why not arrange for your parish hall or social club to show the papal visit events live for those not able to go? For example, almost all of us in Southwark will be watching the Bellahouston Park Mass and Westminster Hall Speech on TV: why not do it together? If you have a TV licence, you're fine - you can view the events on our website, live-streamed, or on one of several TV channels.

Have a good week and get to work on preparing for the arrival of the Successor of Peter!

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