Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Ecumenical Celebrations

This weekend I was away at Greenbelt festival (a big Christian festival) at Cheltenham Racecourses and I was really impressed by how much I enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. It was a proper laugh and a great way for me to enjoy my first camping experience (I even coped with the ice cold temperatures of Sunday night!)

If I could pick three words to describe the weekend, I would pick: joy, happiness and laughter.

It was a wonderful opportunity to be joined with other Christians in our belief in Jesus Christ- learning from each other, sharing meals with people and chatting to strangers.

For some people, the Papal Visit in just a few weeks will be some people's Greenbelt, WYD or even pilgrimage to Lourdes. This visit is a reminder of our unity and a celebration of faith, culture and diversity of the world.

To have a look at some pictures from the weekend, visit my flickr page: http://bit.ly/8ZtOma

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